Primary Members

Primary Membership of the Society shall be open to any ITS Society that is legally operating in any country of the continent of Africa and accepts the mission, goals and bylaws of ITS Africa. Primary level (ITS Society) membership to ITS Africa shall be approved by a simple majority (50%+) of the Board of Directors. There is no individual or group membership, local or international to ITS Africa, other than representation by the ITS Society of the respective country in Africa. Primary members shall have full rights and privileges, including voting and election to offices in ITS Africa, including to the Board of Directors, committees and all other bodies or responsibility centers of the Society’s organisational structure, as defined in its Bylaw.

Affiliated Members

Affiliated Membership shall be open to local or international companies, corporations, associations and agencies of federal governments and academic and research institutions such as public and private organisations or groups from any country in Africa, which has already established and is represented by its respective ITS Society in ITS Africa, and its membership may help advance the mission and goals of ITS Africa.

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