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The following list includes the most important and useful ITS websites, where extensive information on ITS activities worldwide; including on ITS projects, events & conferences, researches and latest developments in technology, lessons learned, best practices, products & services and ITS related public/private and international agencies and vendors can be found.

ITS Ethiopia is a legally constituted non-government and non-profit institution, which has its own bylaw and governance. The ITS Ethiopia Bylaw was approved on February 28, 2013 by the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency. The head office of ITS Ethiopia is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Society is planning to assist in the creation and development of ITS Ethiopia chapters in the various states (regions) of the country.

ITS Nigeria (Intelligent Transportation Society of Nigeria) was launched on October 23rd 2012, at the World ITS Congress, which was held in Vienna, Austria. ITS Nigeria is established for the purpose of promoting ITS in particular in Nigeria and Africa at large through knowledge and technology transfer, by facilitating and creating a conducive environment to share best practices and experiences and provide technical, managerial and policy advisory to public and private transportation stakeholders operating in Nigeria in particular, or Africa in general. ITS Nigeria is currently working hard with the other two sister African ITS Societies i.e. ITS South Africa and ITS Ethiopia to advance the ITS Africa Vision and make it a reality in the continent, hopefully in the near future.

As the only ITS Society in Africa for several years, ITS South Africa (Intelligent Transportation Society of South Africa) had built strong experience and knowledge base in ITS, specifically, their applications in the continent. As young organizations, ITS Nigeria and ITS Ethiopia will seek building a strong partnership and cooperation with ITS South Africa, to enhance team work, exchange ideas, expertise and experiences in order to tackle the pressing transportation issues of the continent, and fulfill the shared goal of modernizing transportation systems across Africa. This road will advance the vision of establishing and building ITS Africa (Intelligent Transportation Society of Africa), while strengthening relations of these and upcoming other ITS Societies in the continent with ITS Societies around the world.

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