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About ITS Africa

Transport is the lifeblood of Africa and everything possible has to be done to improve the efficiency of transport operations, make it more people-friendly, make transport operations safer and help to contain the carbon footprint of the transport sector. With this aim in mind, the Intelligent Transport Society Africa has been established to promote the use of smart technologies, generally known as Intelligent Transport Systems, to make transport systems work better and smarter.

ITS Africa consists of the three Founding Members of ITS Ethiopia, ITS Nigeria and ITS South Africa. We will encourage the establishment of similar non-profit ITS societies in fellow Africa countries and welcome them into the membership of ITS Africa.

Our Mission

The mission of the Intelligent Transport Society Africa is to lobby, promote and advance deployment of an effective Intelligent Transportation Systems Programme on the continent.

Management Structure

ITS Africa is managed by its Board of Directors. All ITS Africa member ITS Societies will nominate a Board representative. The Office Bearers include the Chair, Vice Chair, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors shall establish Committees, as needed to perform the Society’s functions.

ITS Stakeholders

ITS Africa is committed to engage as fully as possible with a wide range of ITS and transport practitioners and transport policy makers on the Continent and internationally.

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